Machine Learning (3 CFU module)

Module Description and Motivation

The objective of this 3 CFU module is to provide a general overview of the modern software libraries and programming techniques for Machine Learning and their applicability in ICT scenarios. In addition to the description of the foundations of Machine Learning, the module provides the necessary background in order to understand and apply Machine Learning approaches to classification, regression and clustering techniques to solve practical problems in different applicative scenarios by mean of neural networks and other learning techniques. At the end of the module students will be able to handle different Machine Learning models, to tune them to specific applications, and to design approaches that may scale with large amount of data.

Scientific Sector (SSD)

ING-IND/31 (Electrical Engineering)

Overview and Credits

MCOR; First year; Second semester. 3 CFUs.


Students are expected to have the following background:




Detailed contents.

Suggested Books

Time and Location

The module will start on February 28 2024, with the following schedule:

Office Hours

Every day by appointment.


News, updates, and communications about the course will be available on Google Classroom, with the code: elwqdfg.

Course Materials

Lecture Slides:

Python Source Codes:

Lecture Notes:

Exams Session

The project can be presented as soon as completed. For the formal exam registration on INFOSTUD platform, please contact Prof. Uncini.